About us

iBeauty Wellness

iBeauty Wellness (IBW) is a one-stop destination for today’s modern successful people. To meet all the needs of beauty and modern people lifestyles, IBW has customised a series of high-quality services in health, beauty, wellness, and slimming. 

The founder has nearly 15 years of rich experiences, and together with a group of beauty physiotherapists who had certified by ITEC & CIBTAC from British, Perfect Image Beauty & Cosmetology Academy and other international. IBW has more than 4,000 returning customers as of to date, and create a well-known neighbourhood brand.

Accumulated with years of experiences, IBW is now transforming its business into digitalization. This is because IBW is aware that the importance to improve the customers experience, and also through internal training to upgrade the physiotherapists skillset, and even tailor-made the services to meet customer requirements. IBW is continuing to serve their customer with more affordable and high-quality skin care products, and wellness services to keep up with the latest beauty trends and technologies.

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