M-JOPTIM Hydrating B5 Cream

Product Category:  Cream Series

Standard Size: 50g

What is it: Hydrating B5 Cream, Multi-Vitamin Care Formula, Firming, Moisturizing, Hydrating. 

Suggested Usage:

-Use this firming cream and wrinkle treatment after you cleanse, tone, treat, and target.

-Use daily, both in the morning and again in the evening as a night cream. It can be used as a neck-firming cream as well.

-Place a pearl-size amount, approximately one-half to three-fourths of an inch in diameter, into your palm.

-Apply evenly onto your face by dotting on forehead, both cheeks and chin.

-Spread the cream softly across the entire face, starting in the center and moving outward,  massage your hands from the chin up along the facial contour for 5 times, massaging into skin to maximize absorption.

标准尺寸:5 0g
它是什么:保湿 B5 霜,多种维生素护理配方,紧致,保湿,保湿。

– 在清洁、调理、治疗和瞄准后使用这款紧致霜和抗皱护理。

– 每天早上和晚上作为晚霜使用。它也可以用作颈部紧致霜。

– 将珍珠大小的量(直径约二分之一至四分之三英寸)放入手掌中。

– 点在额头、脸颊和下巴上,均匀涂抹在脸上。

– 将乳霜轻柔地涂抹在整个面部,从中间开始向外移动,双手从下巴向上沿着面部轮廓按摩 5 次,按摩至皮肤以最大限度地吸收。


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