M-JOPTIM Micro Sculpture Precise Eyebrow

Product Category:  Cosmetics

Standard Size: Brow pencil 0.05g


1. Grey

2. Brown

What it is:  Micro Sculpture Precise Eyebrow, An ultra-slim, retractable pencil for precise detailing, create natural-looking fullness and definition and brush shaped your each brow.

Suggested Usage:

-Comb brow hairs upward with the spoolie brush.

-Using the flat side of the pencil tip, outline the bottom of your brow from arch to tail.

-Comb the hairs downward and outline the top of your brow from arch to tail.

-Comb the hairs back in place and fill in the brow from arch to tail, using the medium side of the tip.

-Using the fine tip, detail the front of the brow and areas of sparseness with hairlike strokes.

-Starting at the base of the front of your brow, press the tip down and pull up in the direction of hair‘s natural growth, continuously blending throughout application.



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