Standard Size: 28ml*5pcs

Product Description 

What it is: 

  1. Clear & Brightening
  2. Vitamin C, Rice Ferment, Arbutin, Saxifrage Essential Oil

Product Efficacy: Innovative small molecule VC can quickly brighten skin tone, and various plant brightening ingredients can effectively resist skin dullness and create light-feeling skin.

Highlight Ingredient:

M-Joptim Thermal Series products, the principle of autophagy. The thermal technology product was developed based on the principle of autophagy, which was the principle of The 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine by Japanese scientist Yoshinori Ohsumi. 

The principle of the “thermal series” products is to make the skin warm and raise the temperature by two to three degrees Celsius. At the same time, it can promote the production of autophagy in the skin. It can decompose and digest the ageing, unhealthy cells or unhealthy substances inside the cells, and generate beneficial energy which can be reused in cell regeneration.It can promote the metabolism of the skin, accelerate the blood circulation of the skin, slowly realize the renewal of the skin, solve some ageing fine lines and other skin problems, let the skin back to young vitality.

Suggested Usage:

  • Apply twice per week or as needed.
  • When incorporating into your skincare routine, use the sheet mask after you cleanse and tone.
  • Start with a dry, cleansed face.
  • Place the sheet mask over the eye area first, then gently spread over the face.
  • Pat gently but firmly to ensure the mask fits well onto the skin.
  • Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, as desired.
  • Gently remove the mask and lightly massage any remaining liquid into your skin, or wipe off. Do not rinse.
  • Discard the mask after a single-use.



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