New Generation of Double Head Moxibustion Instrument


  1. The double head design saves time and effort.

The unique double-headed innovative design of the instrument can cover multiple adjacent acupoints and pair acupuncture points, allowing one instrument to warm multiple acupoints at the same time, which greatly saves your time.

  1. 1.5 times the heat, better penetration.

The increase in heat and the area of ​​the air outlet leads to better penetration and more significant effects.

  1. Bluetooth Smart connection to easily realize personal health management

The instrument has a built-in Bluetooth chip and is connected to the Ai Yisheng APP. While the mobile phone is remotely controlled by one button, the use data is transmitted to the mobile terminal, which is convenient for effect tracking and easy to realize personal health management.

  1. Constant temperature heating of sci-tech ceramics, intelligent chip temperature control

The method of constant temperature heating of technical ceramics and intelligent chip temperature control is adopted to realize no smoke, fire, and burns when the instrument is used.


  1. 双头设计 省时省力


  1. 1.5倍热量 渗透力更好


  1. 蓝牙智能连接 轻松实现个人健康管理
  2. 科技陶瓷恒温加热 智能芯片控温控时

采用科技陶瓷恒温加热和智能芯片控温控时的方法, 实现了仪器使用时无烟,无火,无烫伤。


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