Stone Needle Automatic Abdominal Massager

Source of Bian stone

Approximately 65 million years ago, a special meteorite hit the central and southern part of Shandong and exploded. Under high temperature, high pressure, and plasma conditions, meteorite dust containing a large number of rare components blended and penetrated with the unique components in the local rock and fell on. On the surface, pumice stone is formed after tens of thousands of years of deposition, that is, Bian stone.

  • Contains more than 30 beneficial trace elements and rare earth elements such as magnesium and strontium。
  • The average number of ultrasonic pulses can reach 3708, and the frequency range is 2 to 2 million Hz。
  • Up to far-infrared frequency range。

Natural Sibin Bianstone constant temperature heating

Sibin Bianstone, the key raw material of the abdomen rubbing instrument, contains a variety of beneficial trace elements. It is warm and comfortable by rubbing the abdomen after heating at a constant temperature. The instrument has three levels of temperature, which can be adjusted as needed.

Low temperature gear- slightly bright

Medium temperature range- semi-bright

High temperature gear- full bright


在约6500万年前,一颗特殊陨石撞击中国鲁中南地区发生爆炸, 在高温、高压、等离子的条件下,含大量稀有成分的陨石粉尘与当地岩石中的特有成分相互交融、渗透,落在地表,经过千万年的沉积形成浮石,也就是砭石。

  • 含镁、锶等30多种有益微量元素和稀土元素
  • 平均超声波脉冲次数可达3708次,频率范围为2-200万赫兹
  • 远红外频率范围可达







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