Stone Needle Facial Beauty Equipment

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Cultivate your complexion and look beautiful.

Aiyisheng Bianstone Beauty Apparatus, which combines natural Bianstone with electronic technology, provides high-quality choices for you who are looking for natural and healthy beauty and helps the skin improve its “face” problem from the inside, and nourish the healthy beauty of the skin.

4 major functions to achieve the beauty of healthy skin.

  1. Warm

The massage head of the beauty instrument is made of natural Sibin Bianstone stone, which contains more than 30 beneficial trace elements. The temperature of the Bianstone massage head is controlled and heated by the smart chip, and the facial skin can be rubbed to generate beneficial ultrasonic pulses to keep the skin healthy.

  1. Vibration

The Bianstone Beauty Apparatus is equipped with a high-frequency vibration mode, which can relax the skin condition

  1. Lift

A woman after the age of 25 years old, her skin begins to relax due to the consumption of collagen, and fine lines appear, which become more visible after 30 years of age. Using the Bianstone Beauty Apparatus helps to lift and tighten facial skin.

  1. Massage

Absorption is the foundation of all skincare products. Using the Bianstone Beauty Apparatus to massage the facial skin can promote the absorption of nutrients by the skin.


This product combines electronic technology with natural Bian stone, heats the natural bianstone through a heating film, raises the temperature of the bianstone, and then touches the skin through different methods to achieve the effect of massage. The product has a built-in 3.7V 2200mAh lithium battery, the charging time of the Bianstone beauty instrument is about 5 hours, and the use time is about 1.5 hours, which is convenient to carry and use when going out.


养出气色   靓出颜值


4 大功能,成就肌肤健康之美

  1. 温养


  1. 振动


  1. 提拉


  1. 按摩



该产品将电子科技与天然砭石结合,通过发热膜加热天然砭石,提高砭石温度,再通过不同手法接触皮肤,达到按摩的效果。该产品内置3.7V 2200mAh锂电池,砭石美容仪充电时间为5小时左右,使用时间为1.5小时左右,方便外出携带使用。


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