Stone Needle Massage

Tui na and Massage

  1. Tui na

The base adopts curved Tui na groove design.

  1. Massage

The centre of the base adopts a concave and convex massage point of the design.

Long-lasting constant temperature to ensure enjoyment in a comfortable temperature

Use electronic heating film, constant temperature, 45℃, 50℃, 55℃, according to different body feelings, you can adjust the temperature that suits you.

  1. Natural Sibin Bianstone constant temperature heating

Sabin Bianstone, the key raw material of the abdomen rubbing instrument, contains a variety of beneficial trace elements. It is warm and comfortable by pressing and kneading after heating at a constant temperature. The instrument has three levels of temperature, which can be adjusted as needed.

  1. Ultrasonic pulse

Every time the Bianstone rubs the human body, it can generate ultrasonic pulses that are beneficial to health. The average number of ultrasonic pulses can reach 3708 times, and the frequency range is 2 to 2 million Hz.

  1. Far infrared band

Bianstone has a strange energy field, acting on the surface of human skin to produce a far-infrared band of 7-20 microns, which is greatly beneficial to the human body.

  1. Safe, comfortable and pollution-free
  1. Passed the quality inspection-passed the inspection by the national authority department that the Bianstone does not contain harmful substances.
  2. Beneficial Elements-Contains more than 30 kinds of trace elements and minerals that are beneficial to the human body, as well as more than 20 kinds of elements such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, strontium, selenium, etc. which are necessary for the human body.
  3. Comfortable to use-The calcite microcrystalline rock body with a crystal size of less than 0.03mm has a very delicate texture and makes people feel very comfortable when rubbing against the human body.

推拿 按摩

  1. 推拿


  1. 按摩




  1. 天然泗滨砭石·恒温加热


  1. 超声波脉冲


  1. 远红外线波段


  1. 安全,舒适,无公害
  1. 质检过关- 通过国家权威部门的检测砭石不含有有害物质
  2. 有益元素- 含有三十多种有益于人体的微量元素和矿物质,以及人体所必需的钙、镁、锌、铬、锶、硒等20多种元素.
  3. 使用舒适- 晶体粒度小于0.03mm的方解石微晶岩体,其质感非常细腻,摩擦人体使人感到非常舒服.


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